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Mr. Rajat- The Man Behind The Formation

Seven years old Protos India has become a noteworthy company, thanks to our founder, motivator and leader. His decision making skills, managerial skills and never say never attitude, has always helped us in tough situations. All our business operations, spanning ophthalmic surgical knives, ophthalmic instruments & other products procurement, warehousing and shipment, are executed under his guidance. He, based on his extensive, is associated with a number of suppliers/ manufacturers, built and maintained a mutual beneficial relationship with those companies.

Efficient Planning for Effective Execution

Without a clear plan, one can not find the right direction to follow in order to make company successful. We have been clear about our business, understand the market and our customers. Our people execute operations, from procurement to delivery, as planned. The plan includes details in relation to:

  • Budget
  • Stock
  • Time
  • Manpower

Our Vision & Mission

  • We envisage our company to be the strongest link between suppliers and clients.
  • The mission of our company is to timely respond to the requests made by clients, empower suppliers to provide quality assured products and efficiently deliver products all across the country on timely basis.

We are Stockist

We have developed an extensive warehousing facility in Ambala, Haryana (India), wherein, we stock almost all products and instruments needed for ophthalmic surgery. Maintaining a required level of stock, enables us to reduce delivery times considerably. The procured ophthalmic instrument are temporarily stored in this unit, until these are finally delivered to client's doorsteps. Our personnel maintain the record of incoming and outgoing products, so as to analyze and measure which products are sold on regular basis. This helps us analyze the demand for different products.